• You wish to precisely know the market for intermediate food products prior to any specific human resource or material investment
  • You are already selling intermediate foods but without efficiency and you want to quickly generate extra business in France or EU
  • You must make your human organization and marketing methods more efficient on this important development thema

                                    We support you in order to :

  • Carry out in France or over Europe precise market studies, with clear indications of the key purchasing criteria per market segment
  • Audit and improve your methods and working tools in marketing, R&D and sales functions targetted to the BtoB food area
  • Advise and train your BtoB marketing, R&D and sales teams
  • Identify reliable BtoB sales agents in France and in Europe
  • Let us know your questions. We will study them under the strict confidentiality rules we are used to apply with any customer.
  • We will refer to you through a detailled action plan and proposal, most likely after direct discussion or meeting with you personally.
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